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Arkansas Life Insurance: Offers Both Term and Permanent Policy Options

When you come to buy Arkansas life insurance, the first decision you'll need to make is whether to buy a permanent or term policy. Your existing circumstances will be the main criteria that will dictate your final decision. Basically, you can compare term life insurance and permanent life insurance to the options of leasing or buying a car. There are pros and cons to each alternative.

Arkansas term life insurance will produce only a death benefit. There is no investment feature: you pay a premium on a monthly basis so that in the event of your death, your beneficiaries will get a predetermined amount of face value. Permanent Arkansas life insurance can be a successful form of investment and a valuable source of income later on for some people. Term life insurance involves less commitment; you can dictate the length of the policy. In addition, you can often convert your term policy to permanent life insurance in most cases. If the commitment involved in permanent life insurance bothers you, opt for the type of variable life insurance that will allow you to adjust your premiums according to your financial circumstances.

Advantages of Term Insurance
Another advantage of Arkansas term life insurance is that you can change it for whatever type of permanent life insurance you want at a later date. We don't always know what is going to be the most appropriate type of insurance for our circumstances several years down the road. Buying a permanent Arkansas life insurance at the outset is not everyone's best choice. If you'd like to hedge your bets, then you'll definitely benefit from buying term life to begin with, and converting it later on as you please.

Many experts advise life insurance buyers to buy a permanent policy because it results in cash increments due to the investment feature. Conversely though, we hear the advice "buy term and invest the difference." This refers to the fact that with term Arkansas life insurance, you're getting just the insurance coverage you want and no more. You could still get a cash increment by investing the money you save.

However, there is a downside to term life insurance. Because the policy is renewable, policy holders must undergo a process of requalifying. This often means that premiums rise with age. In fact, for older policy holders they can be quite prohibitive as time marches on. To the contrary, when you take out a permanent Arkansas life insurance policy early on in life, you will pay the same premium continually. Let Spectrum Direct help you make the best decision!

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