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How to Find Standard Life Insurance Rate Information

With so much talk of preferred insurance rates, standard life insurance is often made to sound much less than desirable. While it is wonderful to qualify as a preferred risk and get lower rates as a result of that designation, standard life insurance is not the end of the world.

Certain situations make it difficult and sometimes even impossible to get preferred term life insurance rates. Some health conditions and certain hobbies can make getting preferred status quite a challenge. For example, if you have a high ratio of bad cholesterol to good cholesterol, you may not qualify for preferred rates. In fact, even if your total cholesterol falls within an insurance companies preferred guidelines, you may still be denied preferred rates because the ratio is too high. Likewise, certain hobbies, like bungee jumping, may exclude you from preferred rates and could make obtaining life insurance more difficult overall. Sometimes, even people in very good health, without risky hobbies, do not qualify as preferred for term life insurance.

Other things unrelated to health can influence your ability to get preferred rates as well. Factors like your driving record and immigration status are taken into account and can, depending on the life insurance company, translate into standard life insurance rates for you. If you find that you are not eligible for preferred rates, don't waste your time being upset about it. Realize that it is more important to get the insurance coverage you need, than it is to avoid standard life insurance and if your health or lifestyle changes, you may qualify as preferred risk in the future.

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