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Are Online Quoting Engines Accurate?

Today, because of the availability of sophisticated technology, many consumers gravitate to the Internet to do their research on a myriad of purchases including life insurance. In this information age, where most everyone wants data quickly, it is no surprise that there are an abundance of websites that provide online quotes for life insurance. The real question is no matter how sophisticated the website, are the premiums provided from these quoting websites accurate and are these rates you can realistically expect to obtain based on your age and specific health profile.

Each life insurance company has a different set of underwriting criteria. Some carriers will look at you differently than another. This can mean substantial savings if you are applying with the "right" carrier based on your personal health profile and health history.

Many websites suggest they will offer you between 40-70% savings. The truth is you can save by comparing rates from several carriers since rates for the same coverage can vary from one carrier to the other. In addition, rates are determined by carriers and regulated by the state so rates will not vary from website to website if comparing the same product and same carrier for the individual.

The problem arises when rates are displayed having neglected the collect the necessary information needed to make an accurate assessment of your specific health profile

How Spectrum Direct is Different

Website quote engines have their place in providing information to consumers online. However, to obtain the most accurate life insurance quote it is to your advantage to speak with one of our licensed and professional life insurance specialists and provide as much detail regarding your health history. Our cutting edge underwriting technology enables us to offer accurate rates from amongst the leading life insurance carriers that will look at your situation in the most favorable light. Buyers of life insurance that follow this proven and well documented path will receive a better indication of what realistic rate they can expect rather than being disappointed and possibly even mislead by websites that claim to provide accurate quotes.

So why are the majority of instant online quotes inaccurate? The answer is quite simple. They are based on insufficient information regarding personal and health information. To receive an accurate quote requires the sharing of meaningful personal history information and medical history.

Because Spectrum Direct utilizes sophisticated underwriting technology, our dedicated team of professional life insurance agents offer significant advantages allowing us to select the right company for the lowest premium for each individual presenting a unique health fingerprint. In that way, you can be assured of rates that truly reflect your unique health profile as well as helping with evaluating your financial need.

Since 2001, Spectrum Direct has helped over a million people find the best values in life insurance. We have carefully reviewed the market place and have chosen highly rated carriers that offer low rates for a significant majority of shoppers.

Call us to get a free, accurate life insurance quote 1-800-438-7343.

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