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Term Life Insurance

The death of a loved one or business partner can create unexpected expenses. You need to prepare for these expenses in advance so that your survivors will not be burdened with financial hardship or debt in the event that a major family income provider (or business partner) dies. Prepare with a term life insurance plan and policy, and eliminate this worry from your life.

As the name implies, term life insurance provides protection for a specified "term" or period which is typically from 5 to 30 years and in some cases to age 100 and beyond. In the event premiums have been paid and an insured individual passes on within the specified term, the policy will pay an income tax-free death benefit (based on current tax law) to your designated beneficiary. Term insurance has no cash value or loan value. It provides only pure death benefit protection and, for that reason, is the lowest premium type of life insurance policy.

By contrast, there is "permanent life insurance" where the policy remains in force for the insured's whole life. Permanent life insurance also provides cash value and loan value. Because of these additional benefits, permanent life insurance carries with it a higher premium structure than term insurance.

Term life insurance is very popular because it is easy to understand, inexpensive and provides that essential death benefit protection needed for your loved ones. Because it is so affordable, you can buy a larger death benefit for a lower premium than permanent insurance.

Spectrum Direct makes it easy for you to protect your family with term life insurance. Our licensed agents can answer all of your questions, provide a free life insurance quote comparison from highly rated carriers, and when you're ready, help you apply for your life insurance policy.

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